Singing Telegrams

Singing Telegram Special!
Steve will perform up to 3 songs in any Southern California location within an hour’s drive of Fontana (including an optional silk, long stem rose) for $150.  Please check the extensive song list on this website. (High traffic areas and times will be slightly higher)


What Is A Singing Telegram?

Singing Telegrams are used to send a message to someone through song. I have performed them for corporate parties to surprise a boss or an employee on their birthday or for other special occasions. I have been booked to perform them in offices and stores, as well as restaurants, coffee houses and retail stores, even on someones front porch. The locations vary, but the message is the same in every case. Someone is thinking about someone else…a co-worker, a boss, a client, a relative, a friend, a neighbor or a loved one.


Why Send A Singing Telegram?
By sending me to provide entertainment in the form of a song (or two) that likely will appeal to the recipient, it makes the message so much more special and appreciated. It will provide lasting memories long after the greeting card has been packed away.


What Do You Do?
I have nearly 200 songs in my repertoire, although my specialty is Frank Sinatra. My attire depends upon the wishes of the sender. In most cases I perform in a tuxedo or white dinner jacket. I perform the music of numerous artists, such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Andy Williams, Frankie Valli, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Blake Shelton, Tom Jones and many others. Although I am not an impersonator, I have achieved great success as an impressionist. It is my objective to leave the ?impression that the artists themselves were there performing. In the case of Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson, I often utilize suitable attire to help create a more visual image, as you can see from my photos.


What Makes It Special?
For me, a singing telegram is something that is carefully crafted and delivered to provide just the right message through just the right song. Almost all of the songs on my Song List have been committed to memory so that I can direct my full attention to the recipient. Singing telegrams can turn your message into a very special memory. If you have someone to whom you want to say something they will long remember, make it really special with a Singing Telegram.


What Does It Cost?
Each singing telegram is priced individually depending upon the day and time, as well as the location and how long my travel will likely take. Generally the price will range from as little as $150 (including GigMaster or GigSalad booking fee, if applicable) up to $250. Generally I sing no more than 2-3 songs, however, you may request a performance for your party that will last an hour or more, providing about 15 songs per hour.


How Much Equipment and Set-Up Is Involved?
The method of delivery will largely depend upon the location and circumstances. If someone is working, generally no more than one, possibly two songs, should be the rule, although exceptions can be made. If the company is setting it up as a party, then I would do as many songs as desired. As to the equipment, I have a number of options. I can perform the song ACapella without accompaniment at all. I also have an amp and microphone that is battery operated that can be used anywhere without electricity.  I can perform any of the songs on my list with that equipment.  The sound is excellent. I also have several systems that meet the needs of a larger party and can be set up in less than 10 minutes.


Any Other Considerations?
Planning is important so that this special gift is well received. It is important to be certain that the recipient is completely comfortable and at ease. Also make sure that they will be at the location at the chosen time. Sometimes it helps to have another person aware of what is happening and willing to help with the event.


How About Flowers?
I can arrange to bring flower(s) with the singing telegram. In many cases, a single red, long-stemmed rose works well. In others, a bouquet of flowers will be very well received. In the case of the roses, sometimes a beautiful silk rose in your choice of color works well since it can become a keepsake. Time permitting, if you send me a card that you have signed, I will be happy to deliver it in person. Otherwise, I can print something personal that you e-mail to


Meaning of Roses:
Single Red Rose = I Love You
Two Red Roses Intertwined = Marry Me
Six Red Roses = Need to be loved
Thirteen Red Roses = Secret Admirer
White Rose = Purity and Innocense
Pink Rose = Thank You
Yellow Rose = Friendship
Yellow Rose with Red Tip = Falling in Love


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